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Multi-web solution with seamless integrations and local adaptations.

About the customer

Skanska is one of the world's leading construction and project development companies. The group has 40,000 employees, of which 9,200 are in Sweden. The request was for a modern solution for both Skanska's national websites and the group's website, Skanska Group.

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The project's backgrond

Skanska chose to build a multi-site with local adaptations, essentially eleven sites with different languages and content, yet presenting the same outward appearance and using the same underlying technology.

Requirements & Needs Analysis

Supported by a meticulous pre-study, an extensive prioritization list was created, continuously adjusted, and refined throughout the project. The project was executed using an agile approach and through close collaboration between Skanska, twoday, and other suppliers.

Seamless Integrations

The website integrates with several different systems, including Skanska's system for managing press releases and project descriptions. Data resides in separate business systems, and changes are pushed out to Optimizely's database. Optimizely Search & Navigation indexes the content. Current data is then used in listings, presentations, and search results.

By combining business systems with Optimizely, Skanska can maintain content in just one place and always present it stylishly across the entire website.

Structured and Defined Work Method

Skanska's websites are developed on Optimizely CMS version 11 with Optimizely Search & Navigation as the search engine. To facilitate future maintenance, web content is built using the same page and block types as much as possible, although different views are used to present the content to visitors.

To streamline the editors' work, the editing mode is controlled so that an editor only sees 'their' websites. Even individual properties on a page or in a block are controlled per editor.

Throughout the project, there has been a strong focus on building the solution to meet the needs of both large markets, such as Sweden and the USA, and smaller markets, such as Romania and Hungary. For some of the markets, Optimizely's globalization feature is used to present English content in the local language.

Optimizely 11

Agile development

Search & Navigation

Seamless integrations