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System Integration - Important for growth

Söderberg & Partners

Pension Broker, developed by twoday in collaboration with the pension industry, digitizes and streamlines communication between pension advisors and pension companies. This is something that brokerage firm Söderberg & Partners benefits from today.

According to Rikke Lundsfryd, COO at Söderberg & Partners, it makes sense to consolidate one's system landscape on a 'highway,' as they have done with Pension Broker, as it both simplifies and ensures internal workflows. Rikke Lundsfryd elaborates: 'To achieve growth today, a good infrastructure in one's system landscape is a key prerequisite.'"

Systemintegration - En vigtig forudsætning for vækst

Everyday without Pension Broker

Söderberg & Partners collaborates with several different pension companies and has always used Pension Broker with the companies that have implemented the industry solution. Rikke Lundsfryd explains that without Pension Broker, they would have to access each company's respective portals, retrieve the correct forms for the specific customer agreement, and then fill them out and send them to the customer. A workflow that would increase the risk of using incorrect forms and require contacting the customer again to fill out a new form. Without Pension Broker, there could also be typos from the form to the core system, ultimately resulting in double work for the broker and unnecessary disruptions for the customer.

Pension Broker strengthens collaboration across the industry

Rikke Lundsfryd, COO of Söderberg & Partners, emphasizes that the more health and pension companies that use the solution, the better the collaboration becomes, especially the processes between pension companies and brokerage houses.

"I wish for as many from the industry to join the solution as possible. Pension Broker strengthens collaboration across brokerage houses and pension companies. There are no discrepancies, for example, regarding whether there are 10 or 12 employees in an agreement. Pension Broker is a common tool where we don't have to worry about whether the data is correct, as it flows securely and automatically."

Rikke Lundsfryd, COO i Söderberg & Partners



Pension Broker binds the pension industry together by creating uniform processes that make it easier for brokerage houses and pension companies to make new agreements.

The integration between Söderberg & Partners' core system and Pension Broker gives them just one 'highway' to maintain and, most importantly, less duplicate work, as data flows securely between their systems. This minimizes errors, reduces processing time, and ensures data quality, all of which contribute to increased customer satisfaction.