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Inspection and certification

The British Maritime and Coastguard Agency

The British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has a digital solution provided by twoday for booking, preparing, conducting, post-processing, and presenting the results of inspections, reports, certificates, audits, sanctions, and case handling.

The solution supports all activities of the agency related to inspection and certification. It includes an administration module that allows for the configuration of the agency's forms, lists, and texts, facilitating maintenance and updating of the systems in line with new rules and guidelines. The solution enables the agency to provide digital certificates to British and Irish vessels in accordance with both national and international guidelines.


Under great pressure

MCA conducts inspections, audits, and surveys of various types of ships and vessels, ranging from fishing vessels under 12 meters to gas tankers and large passenger ships.

The inspectors' inspection system provides digital access to inspection history for both ships and companies, enabling the execution and completion of inspection tasks and follow-up on previous sanctions. Time is limited during inspections, so it is a significant advantage for the inspector to access history, execution, and follow-up in one integrated system.

Daily collaboration with twoday

The smart way to implement a new solution is precisely what MCA did - first a relatively simple solution to meet the minimum requirements, then after a trial period where users became familiar with the solution through use, collecting improvement suggestions from the departments in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, and Singapore.

A development project was initiated two years later, where the inspectors, coordinators, and leaders were confident in their desires for the solution to better support users' needs and workflows.   

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"We have a solution that supports our users from start to finish - handling information, booking, inspections, sanctions, reports, certificates, and documentation. We are in contact with twoday daily when needed, providing us with greater confidence in the solution. MCA has taken into account user feedback in all departments because it was important for us that inspectors have the tools and information they need to perform their tasks. We have experienced users and trainers in all departments and smaller groups of super users to configure and maintain the solution"

Aine Doherty, Head of Domestic Survey Operations and System Manager i MCA


MCA operates in the most efficient way and utilizes agility when possible. It is important that the product owner uses the solution daily so that MCA and twoday can address and solve challenges based on agility. System development always occurs in sprints and is regularly demonstrated to allow developers to be involved throughout the entire process.