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Digitalization of operations has optimized work processes

AFA JCDecaux

AFA JCDecaux has completed a comprehensive modernization and digitalization of their operations and customer-facing activities. By implementing Dynamics 365 solutions and Power Platform technologies, AFA JCDecaux has achieved increased efficiency, optimized route planning, better management of advertising platforms, and improved customer experience. This has strengthened their competitiveness in the dynamic advertising industry.

AFA JCDecaux - optimering af arbejdsprocesser

Who is AFA JCDecaux?

AFA JCDecaux is part of the French conglomerate JCDecaux, the world's leading provider of public advertising and infrastructure for the transportation sector. In Denmark, AFA JCDecaux offers various services in the advertising industry, including the rental of advertising columns, advertising screens, advertising vehicles, and other forms of public advertising platforms. They also provide digital services such as digital signs and information boards.

From older tools to modernizing the IT landscape

AFA JCDecaux primarily used older on-premise tools and Excel to manage their operations and customer-facing activities. And it worked fine. Until the outdoor industry began to shift from normal time-based products to "impressions"-based products and metrics, also known from the online industry.

This required a modernization of AFA JCDecaux's IT landscape so that they could continue to maintain their market share and remain competitive.

Since 2020, twoday has been a Trusted Advisor for AFA JCDecaux. We have been responsible for an overall roadmap and development of solutions in connection with the modernization and digitalization of their entire platform.

Digitalization of work processes

In collaboration with AFA JCDecaux, we have digitized several of their work processes, including:

  • Planning for setup and maintenance
  • Route optimization
  • Mobile app for technicians
  • Asset Management
  • Customer service
  • Quote management
  • Customer self-service
AFA JCDecaux - Digitalization of work processes

Allsolutions play a vital role

Technology has played a crucial role in the digitalization of AFA JCDecaux. This includes Dynamics 365 solutions such as Field Service, Sales, and Customer Service. Field Service handles work orders, plans, and optimizes routes. Sales contributes to improving the sales process and increasing efficiency in their sales activities. Customer Service is implemented to ensure a better customer experience and effective handling of customer service cases.

The Power Platform has also been a crucial part of the modernization. Here, Power Pages are used to create a proof of delivery portal, where customers can see pictures of their posters taken by technicians during installation. Power Automate helps automate processes and achieve a more streamlined workflow. We have also developed Power Apps tailored to AFA JCDecaux's specific needs and processes.

The integration of Azure Integration Services has also been essential. Azure Maps is used for advanced route optimization, Azure Logic Apps contribute to the automation of business processes, and Azure DevOps (CI/CD) ensures efficient and continuous integration and delivery of software.

Additional technologies and tools used in the solution include MapBox, integrated to provide turn-by-turn navigation, and .NET, used in the development of custom applications.

Dynamics 365 Field Service automaticcaly plans 3.500 work orders a week

The system that AFA JCDecaux previously used to perform work orders did not keep up with the times and the increasing number of customer activities. Therefore, it was replaced with a Field Service solution that can better handle a large number of work orders, plan these, and continuously optimize routes for a more efficient workday.

The new Field Service solution handles the following:

  • Automatic planning of approximately 3,500 work orders on a weekly basis distributed among approximately 60 mobile technicians.
  • A mobile application for technicians.
  • A customer portal where customers can see on a geographic map where their posters are hung in Denmark. This is displayed with pictures taken with the technician's app.
  • Route optimization with advanced "same-side arrival" from a third-party API. 

The Field Service solution has meant that routes can be optimized taking into account traffic and can be planned safely based on "same-side arrival," so technicians do not have to cross the road.

It is also possible to ensure contractual obligations, which were not previously possible to report on.

AFA JCDecaux - Dynamics 365 Field Service

The solution has several benefits. Here are three important ones

The solution has several benefits. Here are three important ones The digitalization of AFA JCDecaux's operations and customer-facing activities brings several benefits. Here are three of them:

  1. Improvement of their efficiency. They save time and resources through automatic planning and consideration of traffic.
  2. Optimization of work processes. The operation of advertising changes has become more streamlined, and there is a guarantee of technician safety.
  3. Strengthening their position as the industry's leading provider.

Customized mobile app for technicians

In connection with the initial analysis of the needs of the mobile technicians, it became clear that it required special attention. Technicians particularly desired user-friendliness and a range of special features.

Based on this, we developed a Power App (canvas) instead of Microsoft's standard mobile app. This has meant that technicians have gained a high degree of user-friendliness, as it is designed and tailored specifically to AFA JCDecaux's needs and processes. In addition, the app has offline functionality, integration with turn-by-turn navigation developed with the third party MapBox, and easy re-routing in case of breakdowns, illness, or route changes.

Collaboration based on communication and flexibility

The collaboration between twoday and AFA JCDecaux has been characterized by a flexible working model based on SCRUM and agile sprints. This has enabled an effective and iterative approach to development.

One of the key factors has been the close collaboration with AFA JCDecaux's IT organization. There has been clear communication, ensuring an understanding of their needs and business processes. This has allowed twoday to deliver a solution that met AFA JCDecaux's requirements and ensured a smooth implementation.