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Maintenance, Further Development, and Modernization for Mattilsynet


twoday has assisted Mattilsynet with the maintenance and further development of a complex system, as well as three other forward-looking projects.

To damer går og prater med hverandre

Background for the project – critical systems

To fulfill the societal responsibility of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet), a supervision system named MATS has been developed. The system is used daily by employees and is therefore a mission-critical system that must be maintained in a secure and reliable manner.

Mattilsynet sought new approaches to a complex solution that was not functioning optimally. The MATS solution involves highly complex subject matter, leading to processes taking longer than necessary. In addition to maintaining the existing solution, Mattilsynet also wanted to modernize the system.

twoday has had the overall responsibility for the maintenance and further development of MATS, the form services, and related solutions.

The process

MATS is developed as a three-tier architecture on the Java platform, with Oracle as the database platform. The form service is developed in Java Spring, and the integrations primarily consist of SOAP-based web services and REST services.

To maintain and further develop MATS, twoday divided into two teams. One team focused on significant technical changes over time, while the other worked in sprints using the Scrum framework.

The maintenance work primarily involved fixing bugs that occurred during the process and assisting Mattilsynet in retrieving the necessary data.

twoday also identified areas in MATS that could be extracted and stand alone, becoming a more modern solution for inspections.

Sau med sort ansikt og horn


twoday has contributed to maintaining the data in MATS and making it accessible. In this way, we also contribute to streamlining the work processes in and around food and animal health. It is now easier to register information in the form solution, and the solution has been modernized with more mobile-friendly features.