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Digitalization og automation at NOKUT


NOKUT is responsible for ensuring the quality of Norwegian educational institutions, as well as approving and providing information about foreign education.

They wanted to establish a comprehensive digital platform for their operations. twoday was chosen as a partner and supplier to implement the project for digitalization and the establishment of new self-service and case processing solutions.

To kvinnelige kollegaer sitter sammen og smiler

This is what twoday has delivered

The goal was to streamline and digitize NOKUT's application processes, which were previously conducted through mail, and administrative processes.

An efficient and digital unified solution has been created for processing applications from both Norwegian and international applicants seeking accreditation for their education. Norwegian educational institutions have also gained a simpler and more efficient process for applications to establish new educational offerings. The solution encompasses case processing at NOKUT, as well as self-service for individual applicants and educational institutions.

The solutions gives:

  • 24/7 services through self-service
  • Simpler and more transparent processes for applicants worldwide
  • Simpler and more efficient processes for educational institutions
  • Unified collaboration in a single solution for NOKUT staff
  • Electronic collaboration between external applicants, experts, and case handlers at NOKUT
  • Seamless integration with the NOARK Archive System

Technology/platform: Microsoft .NET-platform (C#, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework), Microsoft SQL Server (with Reporting Services), Azure Devops, ID-porten, Public 360.

Now, maintenance and further development of the established solution are underway. twoday contributes by developing new processes as needed or desired.

Mange føtter sett nedenfra gjennom et glasstak


The solution has been in operation since 2016, and in 2018, there was an enhancement of the solution's appearance. This was done to make the solution more intuitive for case handlers. Following this update, the processing time at NOKUT has drastically decreased, and twoday has received positive feedback on the delivered solution.

In addition to reduced processing time, the solution has made it simpler and more efficient for applicants to submit applications digitally. The application solution is also designed step by step for easy completion.

There are small parts of the daily operations that have not been digitized yet. The goal of further development is the digitalization of NOKUT, where all applications and processing will take place in their internal case handling system. twoday is therefore working on the digitalization of NOKUT's departments.