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Exciting digitisation projects for Sollentuna Municipality

Customer story

Sollentuna Municipality wanted to take advantage of all the opportunities that digitisation offers. They chose twoday and Ciceron document & case management system to make it happen. 


The Challenge

When Sollentuna Municipality faced a new procurement of a document and case management system in 2021, the needs were defined for a system that:

  • Supports the operations and digitization better.
  • Provides the opportunity to integrate with other operational systems and services.
  • Is easier to administer, so that the municipality can do more themselves.
  • Has a better management cost.

Therefore, the choice fell on twoday with the solution Ciceron document & case management system.


The Solution

The project started in August 2021 and was planned to be completed during the fall of 2022. The project was divided into three phases: requirements and procurement, planning and preparation, and implementation. The first phase was completed in January 2022, and after the second phase was finished in early summer, the implementation project started with a tight delivery plan – to have Ciceron ready for use in operations during September-October 2022.

From the start in August 2021, each administration contributed dedicated resources that, together with the central project team, worked on requirements, evaluation, and preparations for the implementation. Essentially, the same group was involved throughout the journey, and the former reference group is now Ciceron super-users and ambassadors.

Important steps in the preparation and planning phase included analyzing case workflows, closing cases, and syncing project activities with the committee schedule. Everything in the previous DoÄ-system had to be converted and moved to Ciceron. The moving cleanup began, and many cases were closed in the twelve active registries. This was to ensure a smooth transition by having as much as possible in the closed status for easier mapping between the status in the previous DoÄ-system and the status in Ciceron. Planning to handle the committee process both before and after the move began since the operations would be systemless during the transition period.

In the implementation phase, the trial conversion and training were good ways to learn and understand Ciceron. Adapting work methods and routines is not entirely easy and requires continuous work together over a longer period. This activity continues even after the project's completion. twoday's approach was to use existing functionality and suggest improvements that benefit not only Sollentuna Municipality but all customers.

During the rollout stage, training sessions for super users took place, who in turn trained the administrators at their respective administrations. Short instructional videos and drop-in support were also available to provide users with good support.

"We are impressed with the delivery capacity and the smooth collaboration with twoday. They have demonstrated deep expertise in the field of document and case management, as well as knowing their system inside and out and being willing to share that knowledge."

Anneli Tjäder, secretary-general & Sofie Thorslund, administration manager
Sollentuna Municipality

The Value

The objectives for the project were set early within the operations. The goals that the project would work towards were:

  • Work on requirements and prepare procurement documentation.
  • Procure a new municipality-wide document and case management system.
  • Prepare and carry out an implementation project.
  • Adapt work methods and routines.
  • Roll out the new document and case management system to the operations.
  • Establish management and support.

From the previous document and case management system, the following were moved:

  • 86 943 cases
  • 467 938 case documents
  • 43 410 stand-alone documents
  • 16.4 GB from the file archive

"The timeline for the implementation phase was met – thanks to experience and clear routines both at twoday and the municipality's IT department. Packing and transferring the file archive from the previous document and case management system took almost exactly 24 hours," says Sofie Thorslund, administration manager at Sollentuna Municipality.

Plans for 2023 include launch of the connection to the municipality's e-signature service for personal signatures and the possibility of sending to other internal and external parties for signing. A connection of e-services to Ciceron for automatic registration is also planned.


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