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Statistical tool for the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training using Qlik Sense


twoday has assisted the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training in creating a comprehensive statistical tool using Qlik Sense. To achieve a clear overview, we developed four dashboards – one for preschool, one for primary school, one for secondary school, and one for education and training.

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The need

The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (Udir) has a mandate to support the quality development of its own kindergartens, schools, and apprenticeship training within the education sector. Additionally, Udir is tasked with aiding the Ministry of Education in making informed, knowledge-based assessments while developing political measures.

User feedback revealed an expectation for higher standards in Udir's digital solutions than what was being offered. Users desired a more comprehensive approach to accessing statistics, indicators, analyses, and tools. Furthermore, the internally developed web service, Skoleporten, was due for revision, challenging to further develop, and costly to maintain

Therefore, a decision was made to establish a project for procurement, development, and launch of a new visualization tool (a Business Intelligence solution). 

Following a bidding process, the BI tool Qlik Sense was selected with twoday as the supplier and implementation partner.

«The collaboration with twoday was good right from the start of the project. twoday has consistently been solution-oriented and efficient. They proved that they had both the necessary expertise and personal suitability, even though the target picture from us as the customer was somewhat unclear.» 

Jonatan Smith-Isaksen, Senior advicer in Udir

What twoday has delivered

The solution

twoday has assisted Udir in creating a comprehensive and understandable statistical tool using Qlik Sense. To achieve a comprehensive solution, we developed four analytical dashboards: one for kindergartens, one for primary schools, one for secondary schools, and one for ducation and training.

The analytical dashboards are created in Qlik Sense apps, providing a highly user-friendly design. twoday's consultants have utilized Qlik Sense illustrations that are easy to comprehend, resulting in a clear presentation of the statistics.

The statistical solution is currently available on Udir's website. The solution is public, but for those who need access to all the figures (such as school leaders or school owners), logging in is possible. The objects in the analytical dashboards are from Qlik Sense but are fully integrated into Udir's website.

twoday has also contributed to developing an updated template for the state of the school report. The annual state of the school report/quality report is part of the regular planning, budgeting, and reporting work of the school owner and aims for quality development

This solution is developed in Qlik Sense, using NPrinting for downloading capabilities. Users navigate within a Qlik Sense app, make the desired filters and selections, and then can download a Word document with the defined choices. This solution is also available on Udir's website. The template for the state of the school report is only accessible to school owners and government representatives, hence the tool requires logging in.

Users can easily navigate within the Qlik Sense dashboards. They can filter and compile data across categories.

"The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training is pleased with the solution developed by twoday. There is an extensive database and high expectations for the visualization solution, but twoday has delivered a tool that is clear, content-rich, and easy to use. This is supported by feedback from users who are positive about the dashboards and the new status report template." 

Jonatan Smith-Isaksen, Senior advicer in Udir