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Acquisition strengthens twoday as an end-to-end supplier of Microsoft technologies

Mar 6, 2023 12:52:30 PM twoday Press Releases
Acquisition strengthens twoday as an end-to-end supplier of Microsoft technologies

Acquisition strengthens twoday as an end-to-end supplier of Microsoft technologies

twoday kicks off 2023 with an acquisition of the company CTGlobal and thus strengthens its position as a market leading supplier of Microsoft technologies. An acquisition that has been in the making for a long time and supports the company's strategy of being an end-to-end partner for customers who have chosen a Microsoft strategy.

With the acquisition of CTGlobal (hereafter CTG), which is based in Herlev, twoday gets closer to reaching the goal of being able to offer customers solutions across the entire Microsoft portfolio.

“Today, we already have a strong position when it comes to helping our customers within Microsoft's many different solution areas with companies such as twoday kapacity, twoday Two-Many and twoday A/S. With the acquisition of CTG, we position ourselves even stronger  on the market with their areas of specialisation within Cloud covering the areas of Infrastructure, Security and Modern Work", says Lars Berthelsen, Country Managing Director of twoday.

"The fact that CTG is so strong within Infrastructure and Security will be a great advantage to us and really complement our other areas of expertise on the Danish part of twoday. It is clearly a strategic acquisition from our side, which further sharpens the business focus and  strengthens our market position", says Lars Berthelsen.


twoday kapacity already has a well-functioning collaboration with CTG

twoday kapacity and CTG have long had a great collaboration and shared many larger enterprise solutions, where CTG has built the infrastructure around twoday kapacity’s data services.

"It is clearly a collaboration that now will accelerate with the acquisition and create opportunities for even more joint solutions. Solutions which will naturally also involve other units in twoday Denmark. In this ways, we can serve our customers even better", says Lars Berthelsen

"We find that customers demand more and wider deliveries. As Microsoft's various solution areas merge more and more, it creates demands on us as a supplier. With the acquisition of CTG, we become an even stronger strategic partner and will be able to help customers across their Microsoft IT landscape", says Lars Berthelsen.

CTG was founded in 1999 by Kent Agerlund. In 2011 Peter Odgaard joined as a partner in CTG which also has Peter Colsted as one of the owners. The company currently has 30 employees  in two locations in Denmark, the USA and Estonia. CTG has since its foundation  had the ambition to become one of the strongest suppliers within Microsoft technologies.

“CTG is incredibly strong on Microsoft technologies and has in-depth knowledge of these products and services. Due to their competences Microsoft has awarded MVP prizes to several of the company's experts for several years. This is a proof of the approach to support and build the best solutions for the benefit of the whole society", says twoday's Managing Director.

Moreover, the founder of CTG, Kent Agerlund, is Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility in addition to being appointed as Microsoft Regional Director. A unique title held only by 160 of the world's leading technology experts appointed specifically for their proven expertise across Microsoft platforms, social responsibility and commitment to business leadership.

"The appointment has contributed to establishing Kent and CTG as "Thought Leaders" in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem, which we actively use in the dialogue with customers about technology solutions and business objectives", says Peter Odgaard Jensen, CEO of CTG.

There is no doubt that there is great respect for CTG for their expertise  within digital transformation and deep knowledge and understanding of Microsoft platforms. This is also evident from the customer base which includes prominent organisations such as Grundfos, Aarhus Municipality, DR and Aller.


With CTG the twoday acquisition strategy continue

With the acquisition, the Danish part of twoday embraces seven companies with a turnover that is evenly distributed between the public and private markets.

According to Lars Berthelsen, they continue to look into interesting acquisitions that fit into the ecosystem and will strengthen twoday across the companies.

"We must constantly focus on expanding our competences in relation to the demand on the market. In that way we can offer a broad portfolio of services to existing and future customers. It can either be in an acquisition similar to this one with CTG, where we position ourselves strongly in relation to Microsoft solutions, or acquisitions similar to the one we made in twoday Co3 at the end of 2022 with the acquisition of Tea Solutions, which brings unique specialist knowledge. This makes us strong in both the private and public markets'', says Lars Berthelsen.


About twoday
twoday is a new Nordic IT company that was sold by the Visma group in the autumn of 2022. This enables twoday to focus on the consultancy-centric companies that deliver digital transformation and business-critical IT solutions to more than 8,000 customers.

twoday is located in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania and Denmark and has  2,200 highly qualified employees working in close collaboration with customers and partners. They work every day to create value through technology and data, and thereby  making everyday life easier for society and companies.


About twoday Danmark 
twoday Denmark covers the companies twoday Co3, twoday Capacities, twoday IT Minds, twoday Two-Many, twoday A/S, Tabular Editor and as of today also twoday CTGlobal. In 2022 twoday Denmark had over 750 employees and a turnover amounting to DKK 850 million.


For more information contact

Carsten Boje Møller, koncernchef i twoday

Telefon +45 21 48 84 31

Lars Berthelsen, landeansvarlig og administrerende direktør i twoday (Danmark)

Telefon +45 53 61 63 36

Randi Mehrenst Rimdal, Head of Marketing and Communication, twoday (Danmark)

Telefon +45 53 61 63 36 

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