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New AI application changes the workplace as we know it - now

May 15, 2023 8:00:02 AM twoday Press Releases
New AI application changes the workplace as we know it - now

New AI application changes the workplace as we know it - now

European IT consulting company twoday has developed a brand new AI application that will revolutionise the way we work.

– Imagine having instant access to your most experienced and knowledgeable colleague 24 hours a day, every day, all year round. You will get good and reliable answers in a matter of seconds. Now we have technology that makes this possible, says Carsten Boje Møller, CEO of twoday Group.

The twoday AI Agent is built on OpenAI's GPT language model, but it differs from the open ChatGPT in that you yourself decide what information it should be fed with.

Super intelligence that is ready to use now
You can upload your own data sources, and the information is not shared with the rest of the world. This gives you a reliable AI agent that ensures that all information is accurate and trustworthy, while also maintaining the highest level of data security. The service helps to automate old and heavy processes, thus saving time, money and a lot of manual work.

This means that work functions within, for example, HR, finance and law can change drastically already now. You can for instance upload long, internal legal documents. twoday AI Agent will process the information, immediately know the document like the back of its own (virtual) hand – and give you safe and reliable answers.

Unique in the AI ​​market in Europe
The launch of twoday AI Agent is a ground-breaking addition to the AI ​​market in Europe, as no similar applications are yet available. twoday AI Agent can be used immediately, and easily be integrated into existing systems and channels.

– We have been developing AI agents for several years, and when we integrated GPT's language model, it revolutionised our solution. We are implementing it continuously for new customers and have seen incredible interest. This definitely hits a nerve in the market, says Boje Møller.

For more information:
Carsten Boje Møller, CEO twoday:
Phone: +45 21488431

About twoday
twoday is a full-service technology company, focusing on digital transformation, tailored software development, data driven decision making, AI & automation, CRM solutions and business applications to both the private and public sector. With 2 500 experts across the Nordics and Lithuania, twoday is a leading partner in helping its 8 000 customers succeed in their digital transformation. For more information, please visit and Logos:

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