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twoday acquires IT company RelateIT

Aug 10, 2023 12:00:03 PM twoday Press Releases
twoday acquires IT company RelateIT

twoday acquires IT company RelateIT

With the acquisition of Danish IT company RelateIT, twoday continues its journey to be a leading solutions partner for digital transformation in Europe.

"I am incredibly happy that RelateIT has chosen to become part of twoday. We have worked together on various clients over time, and have experienced their professionalism, deep competence, and integrity first hand. RelateIT shares many of the values ​​that we emphasize at twoday," says country director of twoday Denmark, Lars Berthelsen.

With their 180 employees, RelateIT is one of Denmark's biggest Microsoft Business Central partners, delivering ambitious enterprise resource planning (ERP) services to companies with national and international development needs.

"There is no doubt that with the acquisition of RelateIT, we will become an even better partner for our customers, covering the full scope of the Microsoft tech stack. Adding to our already broad competency, twoday can deliver a holistic offering, covering our customers’ entire IT landscape,” says Berthelsen.

Broader palette of options

Managing Director of RelateIT, Simon Berthelsen, is delighted at the prospect of becoming a part of twoday.

"As part of twoday, we can create synergies across companies and solutions. These synergies can give us the additional growth we need to strengthen our market position. We find that customers don't just want ERP solutions, but see IT as a greater whole. This is why we are happy to offer our customers a broader palette of options,” he says.

Managing Partner of RelateIT, Carsten Andersen, agrees:

"There are constant changes in the market, requiring us to be flexible and to react very quickly. Our customers want the best solution for their specific challenges at any given time. That means we need to broaden our technological offerings to meet their expectations,” he says.

"It is great to become a part of twoday, an organisation with high growth ambitions, long-term strategic plans, and synergies. This also gives us an opportunity to become more visible in the public market, where twoday already has a strong position,” adds Simon Berthelsen.

twoday reaches 1,000 employees in Denmark

The acquisition of RelateIT brings twoday to over 1,000 employees in Denmark, which constitutes a fourfold increase over the past four years. The total number of employees across the Nordics and Lithuania is now 2,700 for twoday Group as a whole.

“It is a journey that I am incredibly proud of - not least because we have managed to have high organic growth while adding new competency in the form of acquisitions. And it has happened in a way where we have managed to integrate the new companies and make them part of twoday without losing the management or employees," says Lars Berthelsen.

The acquisition of RelateIT is subject to customary approval by the Danish competition authorities.

For more information, please contact:

Randi M. Rimdal, Head of Marketing and Communication, twoday Denmark
Phone: +45 53 61 63 36

Rikke Hestbæk, Head of Marketing and Communication, RelateIT
Phone: +45 31 44 92 62

About twoday
twoday is a full-service technology company, focusing on digital transformation, tailored software development, data driven decision making, AI & automation, CRM solutions and business applications to both the private and public sector. With 2,700 experts across the Nordics and Lithuania, twoday is a leading partner in helping its 8,000 customers succeed in their digital transformation.

About RelateIT
RelateIT is one of Denmark's largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV partners delivering ambitious ERP solutions to companies with both national and international development needs. RelateIT also delivers solutions within Business Intelligence, Power Automate, e-commerce, web, IT infrastructure and IT security and provide service to more than 450 customers in production, retail, offshore, trade, and fashion, giving them industry-wide knowledge and experience. RelateIT employs 180 employees across five offices in Denmark and one in Dubai.

Picture from left: Carsten Andersen (RelateIT), Simon Berthelsen (Relate IT), and Lars Berthelsen (twoday).

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