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twoday combines its Danish companies under one name

May 29, 2024 10:20:44 AM twoday Press Releases

A new strategy and transformation bring twoday's Danish companies under one name. As part of the new strategy, twoday's IT specialists will be organized into business units, which will benefit customers in the future.


Over several years, the IT company twoday has grown through strong organic growth and strategic acquisitions, which means that twoday covers seven companies in Denmark. In the future, all the Danish twoday companies will be united under one name: twoday. Thus, the existing company names will no longer exist from June 1st, 2024.

“Today, we are the leading experts within the different domains we operate in, and we will continue to be so in the future. But we see a gap in the market where we can build on this strong foundation and at the same time take responsibility for cross-cutting deliveries for our customers. We want to claim this special position where we can deliver even better solutions by bringing together our different skills and expertise across technology and domain areas. Therefore, we have been working on this transformation and strategy for almost a year to get ready to meet the market in a new way,” says CEO Lars Berthelsen, who also points out that the customers are increasingly demanding IT suppliers that can cover a broader scope and thus reduce complexity and risk.

“We see that the customers often wish for us to cover several digital areas. And this harmonizes very well with the fact that we are now able to be experts in different domain areas, but at the same time we can also take cross-cutting responsibility of large digitalization projects. Although we have always worked closely together across all of our companies, we will now be much more united towards the Danish market,” explains Lars Berthelsen.

In the future, twoday in Denmark will be one company and will be organized in business units under the following areas: Software Engineering, Digital Experiences, Data & AI, Products, Business Applications, Cloud Platforms and Security and Scaling.

In addition, staff functions will be combined. This means that core functions such as People & Culture, Finance, Marketing and IT will in future function as joint units that support across the entire twoday organization.



Will benefit the customers

According to Lars Berthelsen, customers will only experience it as a positive change when they meet twoday as a coherent company with different business units.

“For several years, we have worked purposefully on what we want to be for our customers in the future. Now we're leaving some very strong brands behind. Instead, we will be united under the twoday brand. The aim is to make it easier for the market and customers to understand and interact with us. Put simply, we believe that if we bring the best experts together under one roof, that's where innovation happens. And that will benefit our customers,” says Lars Berthelsen.

Lars Berthelsen also explains that it will be even easier to be a customer of twoday, as they will meet a coherent organization.

“Every large organization today has a complex IT landscape that spans a wide range of different technologies and solutions. At twoday, customers will have direct access to close to 1,000 IT specialists in Denmark. This will make us an end-to-end IT partner that can cover the vast majority of their digital needs. And the companies or organizations that want to make use of our expertise in a specific technology or domain area will experience that the path from though to action is very short, if they need our help with other parts of their digitalization journey,” Lars Berthelsen adds.



Attractive workplace

Part of twoday's overall strategy is to gain market share both in Denmark and abroad. And that requires more employees with the right skills. Therefore, twoday must also be an attractive workplace that can both attract and retain employees, which the organizational change will also help to support.

“The competition for the best IT specialists in Denmark is fierce, and we know that there will continue to be a shortage of employees with the right skills - especially when we want the best. This means that we need to be an attractive workplace in order to retain and attract new employees, and fortunately, we have succeeded in doing just that. One of our strong values in twoday is that we as a company want to make room for the individual and have an embracing and inclusive approach to each other. As a result, we emphasize that it’s possible to have a normal working week as a consultant and thus also have room for a life outside of work. This is not to be confused with us being unambitious, and in the new organizational structure we will also focus even more on creating attractive career paths for our colleagues,” says Lars Berthelsen, who also points out that twoday will continue to focus on IT consulting services.

“Although we have a goal to grow both financially and in terms of employees, we don't want to be like other large consultancies that want to cover all the client's needs. We will stick to the digital areas that we are experts in - then others will have to take care of the catering. We don't want to be everything to everyone, because then we'll lose some of what already makes us the leading experts in the digitization of Danish companies and public organizations,” Lars Berthelsen concludes.


Here are the new business units in twoday:

  • twoday Software Engineering develops, modernizes, and maintains digital software solutions for both the public and private sector. Through customized software development, the business unit delivers everything from applications to integrations.
  • twoday Data & AI provides solutions in data platforms, data analytics, business intelligence and artificial intelligence to help customers make data-driven decisions and drive business results.
  • twoday Cloud Platforms & Security designs and implements IT infrastructure that provides a solid foundation for other cloud and digitalization solutions with a focus on security and stability.
  • twoday Businesss Applications optimizes business operations by implementing and developing intelligent CRM and ERP systems based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform.
  • twoday Digital Experiences specializes in e-commerce solutions, PIM, web development, user experiences, branding and digital marketing, which helps ensure engaging digital experiences for Danish companies - and their customers.
  • twoday Scaling delivers access to strong skills in the form of freelance IT and management consultants or software development consultancy for backend, frontend and mobile apps as well as nearshoring.
  • twoday Products delivers proprietary solutions that can be adapted to the unique needs of Danish companies and public organizations. twoday Products' portfolio ranges from niche solutions to standard products that facilitate companies' digitalization journey.




For more information:

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