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twoday launches sustainability package for reporting and analysis in INSIKT

To meet the increasing needs for reporting on sustainability, twoday launches a solution within INSIKT.
Apr 17, 2024 4:09:45 PM Magnus Löfgren

twoday is taking a significant step towards supporting corporate sustainability efforts by introducing a packaged solution for sustainability reporting and analysis in INSIKT. The new package, designed to facilitate companies in reporting and analyzing their sustainability efforts, offers an integrated solution that includes taxonomy reporting, sustainability planning, and climate impact assessment.
With increasing pressure from consumers, investors, and regulatory authorities, the need for transparent and comprehensive sustainability reporting is crucial for a company's success and credibility. INSIKT's new sustainability package meets this demand by providing companies with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to collect, analyze, and report their sustainability data.

Three important features

Climate impact assesment

One of the prominent features of the package is climate impact assessment which provides companies with tools to measure and analyze their carbon emissions and other climate-related effects. By offering insights into a company's carbon footprint and identifying potential opportunities for reduced impact, INSIKT's climate impact assessment enables companies to make more informed decisions to minimize their environmental footprint.

Taxonomy reporting

The package also consists of taxonomy reporting, which enables companies to classify and categorize their sustainability initiatives according to established taxonomy standards. This allows companies to clearly communicate their sustainability performance and adhere to international norms and guidelines.

Sustainability plan

The sustainability plan in the package enables companies to create and implement strategies to improve their sustainability profile over time. By offering tailored recommendations and goals, INSIKT's sustainability plan helps companies identify and prioritize actions that lead to a more sustainable operation.

"We are incredibly proud to introduce our new sustainability package to the market. With this offering, we reinforce our vision to help companies drive a more sustainable operation while achieving their business goals. We look forward to supporting our customers in their sustainability journeys and contributing to a more sustainable future."

Stefan Sehlstedt
CEO of twoday INSIKT

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