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eBusiness Suite

twoday eBusiness Suite is an easy-to-use and versatile software platform that enables the digitalization and automation of service processes. The platform is based on open standards and technologies, and integrates seamlessly with other systems


Automate your service processes

With twoday eBusiness Suite, you can handle all tasks related to electronic customer service, service processes, and case management. The platform is seamlessly linked to our other services, such as document management and archiving, as well as electronic signature.

twoday eBusiness Suite is a low-code platform, which means that its use does not require in-depth programming skills. The platform provides ready-made components and tools that allow you to quickly and easily build and customize your own service processes and customer service channels.

twoday eBusiness Suite is designed for both public and private sector needs. The platform is scalable and expandable as needed, and provides a comprehensive solution for all customer service process development needs.


City of Helsinki

Helsinki City Feedback and Contact System improves service transparency, streamlines contact handling, provides flexible processing for various contact types, and utilises contact data for service and operation development. The system offers easy reporting, tracking, and publishing of feedback, complaints, and maintenance issues, with automated classification, processing, and routing to relevant parties, and a knowledge base to support contact handling. The system's data is also analysed to improve service quality.

"The new feedback and contact system will help make Helsinki even more beautiful and functional."



X-Archive is an electronic storage system certified by SÄHKE2. It is designed for the long-term preservation of matters and documents as a VNA (vendor neutral archive), a system independent of source systems, industries, and organizations. X-Archive enables easy storage, retrieval, and sharing of archived information from a single location.


Business applications

Looking to elevate your business operations? Partner with us to implement business applications that not only reduce costs but also increase efficiency. With our solutions for sales, marketing, customer service, and more, we're dedicated to your success.


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