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Experience seamless consolidation, budgeting, forecasting, and planning with Jedox - a flexible solution offering extensive insights and analysis in a transparent environment.  

What is Jedox? 

"Jedox has swiftly risen to success in the CPM software market, providing a solution that supports key Performance Management disciplines, including consolidation, budgeting, forecasting, KPI management, cost allocation, and reporting. Known for its high user-friendliness, low Total Cost of Ownership, and the ability for self-administration and customization, Jedox ensures alignment with your business needs." 




Why Jedox

Intuitive Interfaces: Seamlessly work in Excel or a browser, utilizing an intuitive interface. 

Complete and Agile Foundation: Jedox offers a comprehensive and agile foundation for financial tasks. 

Security: Role-based security and audit trails ensure data integrity. 

Effortless Data Integration: Jedox integrates with all source systems, promoting optimal use of information. 

In-Memory Technology: Based on in-memory technology for optimal performance. 

Enterprise-Wide Support: Jedox models cater to all aspects of your business. 

In twoday we have invested significantly in building Jedox competencies to offer robust and effective Performance Management solutions. Whether it's your digital strategy, implementation, training, or change management, we can assist you. 


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Our team of experts harnesses advanced technologies and methodologies to uncover invaluable insights, offering a deeper understanding of customer behavior, market trends, and operational performance.

Our comprehensive services cover the entire data spectrum, including data management, integration, analytics, and business intelligence. This holistic approach ensures that your data is optimized and your business efficiency elevated. Our solutions are thoughtfully designed to enhance performance across various departments.


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