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Pigment for optimal strategy execution  

Successful companies leverage Pigment for budgeting, forecasting, and crafting adaptable plans, to manage and future-proof their business. 

What is Pigment? 

Pigment is your all-in-one solution, seamlessly aggregating your data for effortless real-time modeling and enhanced strategic decision-making. Gain the power to discover opportunities, create precise plans, and navigate a dynamic business landscape with clarity. 


Why Pigment

Real-Time Understanding: Pigment provides a real-time understanding of your business, allowing you to build accurate plans and make informed decisions promptly. 

Visualizations for Impact: Create compelling visualizations that not only keep your team informed but also contribute to sales growth. 

Streamlined Workforce Plans: Simplify workforce planning, make real-time adjustments, and align your teams on a unified platform. 

Multidimensional Business View: For fast-growing companies, Pigment offers a multidimensional view, enabling swift comparisons of actuals, budgets, and forecasts to track key metrics. 

Efficiency Boost: Reduce manual tasks with Pigment's efficient data handling capabilities, allowing you to focus more on analysis and less on data preparation. 

In twoday we have invested significantly in building Pigment competencies to offer robust and effective Performance Management solutions. Whether it's your digital strategy, implementation, training, or change management, we can assist you. 


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