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Process mining  

We live in a world where business processes leave digital traces in our IT systems. Process Mining takes in this data and provides you with profound data-driven insights into the actual functioning of your business processes:

What happens daily in your business processes? Are there deviations or inefficiencies? What is the potential for improvements? 


Uncover efficiency in every step

Process Mining visualizes the intricacies of procurement, HR, case management, and more, offering a realistic perspective on how your operations unfold daily. It’s easier for our brains to understand diagrams or graphs that visualize large amounts of complex data than to look at intricate process drawings. When processes are visualized based on actual data, it becomes easy to see if there are deviations from how the process is intended. You can see which processes are running quickly and as planned – and which processes take disproportionately long. Perhaps some processes are manual where they should be automated?  

Sales and business planning can yield significant benefits for any organization, especially within manufacturing. Without a good process connecting sales and production departments, it can result in serious consequences, such as delivery challenges, capacity constraints, errors or excessively high inventory levels  

By focusing on automation, optimization, and continuous improvement of business processes, your organization can deliver quality and efficiency to customers, suppliers, and your own employees. Let twoday be your partner in harnessing the power of Process Mining for a more streamlined and efficient future. 


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