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X-Sign, offered by twoday, is a customizable and eIDAS-approved electronic signature solution designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the public sector. Tailored for the demanding needs of government organizations, X-Sign streamlines electronic signature processes and workflows, offering ready-made solutions for official orders, meeting minutes, decisions of officials, and employment contracts. With a user-friendly interface and adherence to EU eIDAS regulations, X-Sign provides a secure, efficient, and legally compliant way to process documents, making information management more accessible. 



Why X-Sign? 

Ready-made Workflows for the Public Sector: X-Sign provides predefined workflows specifically crafted for the public sector, ensuring seamless integration into official processes. 

Wide Range of Authentication and Signature Methods: The service offers various authentication and signature options, including mobile certificates, authentication, Bank IDs, and smart card certificates, catering to diverse needs and situations. 

Highly Customizable and Scalable: X-Sign is easily customizable to suit the unique needs of each organization. Its scalability allows it to adapt to different workflow requirements, making it a versatile solution for the evolving needs of the public sector.  

Why twoday? 

Implementing X-Sign with twoday ensures a swift and tailored integration aligned with your organization's specific requirements. Developed in collaboration with the public sector, X-Sign is designed to meet industry-specific challenges efficiently. twoday's expertise ensures that signing with X-Sign becomes a seamless part of your organizational processes, enhancing data management, security, and overall operational efficiency. With an easy-to-use interface, a wide range of authentication options, and customizable features, X-Sign becomes a strategic asset when implemented with twoday, providing a secure and reliable electronic signature solution for the public sector. 


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