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Save time, reduce costs, find new opportunities, and scale your business with a complete tool for business management and decision support.

INSIKT collects all your data from your source systems such as finance, sales and production systems and compiles all the information together, which makes it easy for you to see connections and plan the future - directly in your browser. 



Plan: INSIKT simplifies the planning process, whether it's creating account budgets, project calculations, or other essential tasks. The platform's web interface facilitates organizational involvement, streamlining work for accurate and collaborative planning. 

Control: Effectively manage your business and navigate a changing everyday life with INSIKT. Prioritize tasks, communicate efficiently, and adapt to change seamlessly, providing everything you need to stay in control. 

Analyze: Gain insights into your business from both detailed and helicopter perspectives. INSIKT's analysis tool allows you to identify trends, build reports, and uncover driving factors that may have been overlooked. 


INSIKT offers a comprehensive suite of products on a single platform: 

A user-friendly tool for trend identification, report building, and information sharing. 

Planning: Streamline the planning process with organizational involvement through a web interface. 

Project: An all-in-one project management tool supporting projects of any scale. 

Management by Objectives: Easily set and communicate goals, supporting the organization's management from planning to execution and follow-up. 

Rent: A complete system for setting rents based on the use-value principle, offering transparency for both internal employees and tenants. 

Component: A web-based fixed asset register for component-divided fixed assets, supporting component depreciation and displaying tax and book values. 

Choose INSIKT for an all-encompassing solution that meets your planning, control, and analytical needs in one unified platform. 


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Our team of experts harnesses advanced technologies and methodologies to uncover invaluable insights, offering a deeper understanding of customer behavior, market trends, and operational performance.

Our comprehensive services cover the entire data spectrum, including data management, integration, analytics, and business intelligence. This holistic approach ensures that your data is optimized and your business efficiency elevated. Our solutions are thoughtfully designed to enhance performance across various departments.


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