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Cloud platforms & security 

Cloud platforms offer immense opportunities – everyone can get their hands on everything and be productive, all the time. Security-wise, cloud is a challenge – for the very same reasons: The modern workforce expects to be able to access everything though a variety of devices and platforms. For security teams, this means they must stay on their toes to keep the systems secure, without obstructing performance.


Elevating your cloud platforms with robust security

Security solution addresses the challenge of securing systems while meeting the demands of a modern, device-agnostic workforce. As organizations migrate to the cloud, the absence of a standardized security playbook poses risks. That’s where twoday comes in with a comprehensive approach, providing best practices, governance principles, and a tailored security plan to prevent a freefall in security. 

Specialized expertise is crucial in the intricate landscape of cloud security. Our experienced team of experts guide organizations through this uncharted territory, ensuring security doesn't become a casualty of the migration process. With a clear analysis and visualization tools, our solution secures your cloud and on-premises infrastructure. From workshops to implementation and testing, we offer a complete package, helping organizations confidently navigate their unique journey to the cloud. 


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Cloud services

Through our cloud services, we deliver cost-effective, flexible solutions to our clients, drawing on our extensive expertise in Microsoft Azure and AWS. Cloud technology is at the core of twoday, offering increased accessibility and reduced complexity for businesses. Security, workflow, and scalability are crucial for core business systems, and we ensure cost-effective and flexible delivery of solutions. 


Software engineering

Our experienced software engineers work together with clients, crafting tailored solutions that not only meet your unique needs but also elevate your business value. With a focus on modernization and security, we ensure that your solutions remain cutting edge and support evolving requirements.

In addition to our core offerings, we provide comprehensive consulting services to guide businesses in making informed technology decisions. 


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