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Where AI Projects Fail and How to Ensure Your AI Doesn't Spout Nonsense

Artificial intelligence expert Tony Shepherd discusses how companies can steer AI projects from initial excitement to real-world application, and how to do so responsibly.


“Our values are not just words on a website - they are embedded in the walls for real."

At twoday, we prioritize people. By supporting employees' career paths and development, we also maintain engagement and motivation. This leads to retaining expertise as competition between workplaces increases. Read the interview with Evelina Åblad, People Lead & Analytics Specialist, who has tr...

Data insights can make energy companies more competitive in 2024

With insights into their own data, energy companies can become more competitive in 2024 

The energy crisis is a reality. Customers are doing everything they can to optimize their energy consumption and save electricity where possible. The demands on energy companies are therefore increasing as prices rise. Today, information about energy consumption is a crucial factor for customer sati...

Lighting company launched AI bot Chris – the ultimate assistant for customers and employees

Norwegian lighting company Christiania Belysning has taken a big step into the future with AI agent Chris. By leveraging all the structured product information they have, they have created the ultimate store assistant for their online store.

Exploring the world of hive jumping

Hive jumping is a new initiative from twoday that allows employees to visit and work from any of the countries we operate in. Here are some highlights from the Swedish branch.

Work efficiently and securely with Microsoft Teams

Learn how you can leverage Teams as a project platform for more efficient project work.

is in the People, not the Companies”


"Inclusivity is in the People, not the Companies”

At the beginning of International Pride Month, twoday Finland asked the LGBTQIA+ community in the office about their experiences in work life and how things can be improved. Here’s what people wanted us to know.

ChatGPT and the future of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the world of technology and in a short time become one of the most prominent technologies of our time. With a fascinating history of innovation, AI has impacted businesses and industries worldwide. In this blog post, we will explore what AI is, its dev...

Pizza, pasta and productivity:
Remote work abroad

When you have the opportunity to go Italy to work and explore with colleagues - why not grab it?

twoday data scientists gather in Helsinki

This is how we are building a strong data science community in twoday.

What is Modern Work and how do you implement it in your business?

Microsoft 365 is a collection of tools that help organisations create a modern, secure and efficient workplace by integrating cloud technology and productivity tools. In this article, we explain the meaning of Modern Work and what to consider before implementation.

How to use ChatGPT with your own (proprietary) data

ChatGPT is a revolutionary tool, especially the version 4. In this blogpost, I’ll share technical details about how to have an intelligent natural-language conversation with your proprietary information (and by that I mean a very large amount of non-public data, something that far exceeds the limits...

Optimize your website with Content recommendation

It is becoming increasingly important to offer your visitors a unique user experience that stands out from the crowd. With the help of Content recommendation, you can both improve the user experience, increase traffic to the website, reduce costs for analysis and support, and reduce the amount of ad...

New twoday solution: Making fishing more sustainable

twoday’s vTrack solution contributes to sustainable fishing across the globe. Let us tell you how.

Competitiveness through transportation optimisation



Competitiveness through transportation optimisation


Companies use transportation optimisation for many purposes. Here are some important ones.

Kristin Nyberg is Managing Director of twoday Norway. Photo: Karl Henrik Børseth

Technology and social responsibility for a sustainable future


With technological development comes an increased responsibility to take care of society and the environment, says Kristin Nyberg of twoday Norway.

Why should you upgrade to Optimizely CMS version 12?

Upgrading your CMS to the latest version can provide many benefits. By keeping your website updated and modern, you can reduce the risk of technical issues and ensure that it continues to function properly for a longer period of time. Optimizely CMS version 12 is the latest version of one of the mos...

The importance of upgrading to a modern intranet

Increase both job satisfaction and productivity in the digital workplace by utilizing a functional intranet that is customized to the needs of the company and its employees.

How to become a more effective developer with ChatGPT? - 6 simple tips

There has been a lot of talk about generative AI services lately, especially ChatGPT. Some have used the service to create rhyming texts in the style of famous poets, while others have explored how to become more effective by using the service. In this article, you will get specific tips on how to b...

Steel construction

A.I. and Mathematical Optimization: A Striking Synergy

Artificial intelligence sounds sexy and we love the “Optimal” part of “Mathematical Optimization”. However, as we get down to earth and dig a little deeper we find assumptions and challenges making it hard to apply either technology in the real world. What if we put the two together, would we double...

Two people looking at screens

A.I. and Mathematical Optimization: What’s the difference?

The term Mathematical Optimization (MO) isn’t sexy or sci-fi at all, and unlike the term “AI” is more likely to give you nightmares about highschool algebra rather than dreams about sentient robots. However, we do like the sound of making things “optimal”, so let’s dig a little deeper.

A.I. and Mathematical Optimization: Let’s start with Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence sounds good, doesn’t it. It’s a sexy, sci-fi term, so if your organization uses AI - you are a sexy, sci-fi organization like Tesla. Now that we have your attention, let’s get down to earth…