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Why should you upgrade to Optimizely CMS version 12?

Upgrading your CMS to the latest version can provide many benefits. By keeping your website updated and modern, you can reduce the risk of technical issues and ensure that it continues to function properly for a longer period of time. Optimizely CMS version 12 is the latest version of one of the mos...

The importance of upgrading to a modern intranet

Increase both job satisfaction and productivity in the digital workplace by utilizing a functional intranet that is customized to the needs of the company and its employees.

How to become a more effective developer with ChatGPT? - 6 simple tips

There has been a lot of talk about generative AI services lately, especially ChatGPT. Some have used the service to create rhyming texts in the style of famous poets, while others have explored how to become more effective by using the service. In this article, you will get specific tips on how to b...

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A.I. and Mathematical Optimization: A Striking Synergy

Artificial intelligence sounds sexy and we love the “Optimal” part of “Mathematical Optimization”. However, as we get down to earth and dig a little deeper we find assumptions and challenges making it hard to apply either technology in the real world. What if we put the two together, would we double...

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A.I. and Mathematical Optimization: What’s the difference?

The term Mathematical Optimization (MO) isn’t sexy or sci-fi at all, and unlike the term “AI” is more likely to give you nightmares about highschool algebra rather than dreams about sentient robots. However, we do like the sound of making things “optimal”, so let’s dig a little deeper.

A.I. and Mathematical Optimization: Let’s start with Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence sounds good, doesn’t it. It’s a sexy, sci-fi term, so if your organization uses AI - you are a sexy, sci-fi organization like Tesla. Now that we have your attention, let’s get down to earth…