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The journey to the tech industry

Choosing a career path can be a challenging task. The technology industry, with its rapid development and innovative opportunities, presents itself as an appealing and dynamic field for many. Three experienced technologists share their stories about entering the technology industry, along with valua...

How AI can become the new colleague in the public sector

For a long time, there has been a discussion about AI and its impact on society. Will it replace jobs? Is it a crucial step in the future of technology? Will machines eventually dominate the world? The last scenario may be far off, but it's time to see AI as a complement to human strengths rather th...

Increase the quality of your website with great content

In today's digital landscape, having a website is like having a shop without a sign – look at it like a digital business card. It can be excellent, but no one will find it unless there's something guiding them there. In a world of online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to visi...

3 common challenges for IT managers and how to best address them

Being an IT manager in today's digital landscape is a journey through a complex jungle of challenges. In this article, we explore 3 common challenges for IT managers and how to best tackle them.

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Modernizing applications: choosing the right approach

Get help in selecting the right approach when embarking on the modernization of your business applications. Here's an overview of the five modern R's – Rehost, Replatform, Rearchitect, Rebuild, and Replace.

Data as a driving force gives a 100% higher chance of achieving goals

There is no exact statistic on how many companies are data driven. But companies that are data-driven have twice the likelihood of surpassing their goals, which is why it's important for companies to understand and utilize data to become more competitive.

Where AI projects fail and how to ensure your AI doesn't spout nonsense

Artificial intelligence expert Tony Shepherd discusses how companies can steer AI projects from initial excitement to real-world application, and how to do so responsibly.

“Our values are not just words on a website - they are embedded in the walls for real."

At twoday, we prioritize people. By supporting employees' career paths and development, we also maintain engagement and motivation. This leads to retaining expertise as competition between workplaces increases. Read the interview with Evelina Åblad, People Lead & Analytics Specialist, who has tr...

Data insights can make energy companies more competitive in 2024

With insights into their own data, energy companies can become more competitive in 2024 

The energy crisis is a reality. Customers are doing everything they can to optimize their energy consumption and save electricity where possible. The demands on energy companies are therefore increasing as prices rise. Today, information about energy consumption is a crucial factor for customer sati...

Lighting company launched AI bot Chris – the ultimate assistant for customers and employees

Norwegian lighting company Christiania Belysning has taken a big step into the future with AI agent Chris. By leveraging all the structured product information they have, they have created the ultimate store assistant for their online store.