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Customer stories

Every day we develop truly useful solutions that make people’s everyday lives a little easier. We work with customers in both public and private sector.

Digital workplace based on Microsoft 365

Sensum approached twoday to seek assistance in implementing a new company-wide intranet, resulting in the digital workplace called "Fyrtornet" based on twoday's Microsoft 365 digital workplace solution.

Wästbygg is building the future with the help of INSIKT

Wästbygg Group AB is one of Sweden's largest construction and project development companies. Today they operate in six different locations in Sweden, with approximately 300 employees and an annual turnover of over three billion.

Multi-web solution with seamless integrations and local adaptations.

Skanska is one of the world's leading construction and project development companies. The group has 40,000 employees, of which 9,200 are in Sweden. The request was for a modern solution for both Skanska's national websites and the group's website, Skanska Group.

Website with smart functionality for higher customer value

Stockholm Parking works to offer Stockholmers and visitors well-located and attractive parking spaces with a mission to relieve street space from parked cars and promote sustainable mobility. twoday created an updated website with efficient, digitized self-service options.

Taksi Helsinki saves the environment and public funds with an optimization algorithm

Through a solution created by twoday, several patients can travel in the same taxi to get to their healthcare locations. This dramatically reduces costs for the Social Insurance Institution paying for the rides, while also reducing the environmental impact.

Organizational tool increased customer satisfaction to record levels

When twoday helped logistics company ILP-Group with implementing WhatsApp Assistant, processes were streamlined and resources were targeted where they were needed. At the same time, customer satisfaction reached record levels.

Optimar Commander - a game changer for the seafood industry

twoday helped Optimar develop a digital operating platform for the seafood industry. The solution helps customers optimize their operations, and is now being used all over the world.

Cloud-based reporting with Power BI and Azure Data Warehouse

twoday designed and implemented a new reporting and data warehousing system together with Savox Communications. The system gives quick and easy access to up-to-date information, which creates significant benefits to business-related decision-making.

A faster, greener and more effective agreement process

Through the use of Addo Sign, the signing process became both faster and much easier. Avinor no longer has to wait for the customer to print, sign and scan the documents. The signed agreement is now just a click away.

New twoday solution: Making fishing more sustainable

Through twoday’s solution vTrack, our customer NOAA: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, can make sure fishing quotas are kept. The solution contributes to a healthy and sustainable fishing industry, and to the protection of endangered animal species along the American coast.

VandCenter Syd reduces ammonia emissions with machine learning

VandCenter Syd is one of Denmark's largest and oldest water supply companies. Their new solution, developed in collaboration with twoday, helps create a healthier aquatic environment in seas, fjords, and rivers.

N1 collects data on their cable cabinets with N1GO!

With N1's new app, N1GO!, the utility company N1 has collected images and data on 80,000 cable cabinets in just a few weeks. In comparison, they traditionally inspect around 5,000 cabinets per year.

EWII optimizes data analysis with Databricks

A successful PoC with Databricks has resulted in increased flexibility and collaboration in data analysis at EWII. They are now planning to expand the use of Databricks.

AURA Energi collects data in one system and achieves “one truth”

The management received a large amount of diverse reporting from various departments, including financial data, project data and customer data. AURA, therefore wanted to create greater reliability and accessibility for their data.

Technology as a competitive advantage for Wattn

In 2021, the power companies Tafjord, Tussa, SFE, and Sognekraft merged to create the new and exciting power company, Wattn. Wattn needed assistance in several areas of twoday's service spectrum before launching new services, including website development, business portal, app, and content creation.

An all-in-one LS Retail solution that creates better experiences for both customers and employees

With solutions from LS Retail, Plantorama has created better experiences for both customers and employees. With an integrated system, they have everything gathered in the same suite. Get an insight into how Plantorama has implemented IT solutions in stores and created more visibility for customers.

This is how Profoto reduced the time for a forecast from 3 months to 3 weeks

The approach of Beyond Budgeting combined with INSIKT is what enables Profoto to focus on the most crucial aspects - developing the best products in the market and enhancing its growth. Through INSIKT, Profoto can easily review its goals each quarter and ensure they can plan to achieve them. Even in...

Digitising the agreement process and GDPR compliance

NORMAL uses Addo Sign to digitise their agreement processes, increase overview of the sent document and comply with GDPR regulation.

Matas gains a deeper customer insight with a new cloud data platform

With a flexible data platform in Azure Matas takes full advantage of their data. Now users and suppliers can gain groundbreaking insights into their customers.

Kvik establishes the foundation for the future with a new Microsoft Azure data platform.

Kvik A/S is in a major digitization project. As part of the project, twoday has assisted them in implementing a brand-new cloud-based data platform. A data platform that paves the way for the future and allows for experimentation with AI, ML, and ChatGPT.

Aarstiderne gains unique insight into customer loyalty

In the past year, Aarstiderne has carried out a strategic customer loyalty project entitled “the best customer experience each time”. The objective was to give more structure to the customer loyalty work. What did it take to achieve this goal?